HoustonWorld Series and Baby Adley

After you read this, go look at Instagram and Facebook for Taylee Hudson Photography and like her page (or just click the handy links I provided).  My daughter is starting her photography business, is really good at it, and pretty cute too.  She is a photography major at BHSU.  Also, if you haven’t met her you are missing out on one of the true gems in life.  Love you Taylee.  You are the best!


Photo: Sam Johnson posing for her auntie on the big shopping trip.

Sorry, I’ve been MIA for two weeks because I was busy flying to Houston to cheer on the Astros for the World Series.  Just kidding, I’m not that cool but I did drive by Minute Maid Stadium on my 40 mile taxi ride from IAH to my sister’s house.  (You read that right, 40 miles, 1 hours and 10 minutes in the same city).  The sea of orange in downtown Houston made me momentarily long for the days when I was spontaneous and fun, but I quickly realized by the time I got to my Shelby’s house, changed into orange (which I didn’t pack) and drove down to the stadium it would be well passed my 8 pm bedtime.  Also, the $700-$1200 price tag for one ticket was not at all enticing.  Anyway, congrats Astros!!  You were fun to watch on the couch for free.

Before the World Series, I cared only about 4 baseball teams:

  1. The Cubs- My grandpa Morris was an avid fan.  He had a stroke at age 65 which left him speechless and paralyzed, but his joys in life were his family, candy, and the Cubs.   I cried real tears when I saw Wrigley Field for the first time and ate at Harry Carry’s bar in his honor.
  2. The Yankees- My good friend, Pina, loves the Yankees with her whole heart and I love her so it’s an obligatory respect. Just like she likes the Broncos for me.
  3. The Twins and Rockies- The obvious, South Dakota has no pro teams so pick one close by and Bob loves all things Minnesota so…

Time for pics- I really went to Houston to visit these gems:

Ridge, Sami, and Adley Rae Sunshine (as her brother likes to introduce her). I apologize for the quality of these pics, the iPhone can only do so much.  This was my first time meeting Adley and I quickly fell in love.  Between my mom, Shana, and I, Adley was hardly put down the entire weekend.  Shelby has perfected parenting so if you need any tips ask her.  She has the sweetest kiddos that live way too far away!!

Upon arriving to Houston, we promptly went to get pedicures like any good family does.  The next day was filled with shopping in the Anthropologie region of Houston.  If you don’t know what an Anthropologie region is, let me fill you in.  When traveling to a large city, google the nearest Anthropologie and you will arrive in a downtown area filled with cute shops and restaurants.  It never fails.  Houston has two so the potential for two cute areas exists, although we went to the Highland Area.  Another tip for the Anthropologie district is to try on what you love, go home and put the items in your online basket and buy whatever it is when it goes on sale because the store is a bit on the high priced side.  On a side note, my friend Kelli recently went to New York and said this was her favorite store as well so I think my theory can easily be applied nationwide!!

The boys did not want to join us so they went to a car show. What I learned from Ridge was they make a car with the engine on the outside (What happens when it rains auntie?) and Bill’s favorite was some version of a Corvette?  Sorry, I don’t speak cars but here is a cute picture of Ridge at the show and Bill and Ridge playing cars…

Back to cute restaurants, we ate lunch at Ruggles Green which provided good food and outdoor seating (a requirement for me).  Ruggles Green has been changed to Bellagreen but they haven’t changed the sign yet and is in several locations in Houston.

If you didn’t know this about me, I am the world’s biggest Mac and Cheese fan, followed closely by glazed doughnuts.  This particular Mac and cheese was made from quinoa noodles, which to be honest are a bit mushy, but had great cheese which leads the the following score of 6/10.  On a side note-just this past weekend, I ate one of the best Mac and Cheese dishes of all time at the Buffalo Jump Steakhouse in Beulah.  Hint: it has pepper jack and bacon- run, don’t walk…

I can’t seem to do a post without some highly mushy content so here goes. In high school my family went to Rapid City on Christmas to shop, stay at a hotel and go to a movie.  One year, we saw the movie Little Women.  My favorite quote from the movie is this:


My sisters (and mom) are on the top of my most important list, followed closely by their children.  We have been through a lot, as I have come to find out most families have, and have made a decision to love each other more instead of let the problems that exist drive us apart.  PS: Can you all move closer to me????

We had to fly out Sunday so Bill could be back to school on Monday, but made a quick trip through Denver to see Timber which will be highlighted in the next post as these quickly get really long.

Thank you City of Houston (and Tate Johnson) for your hospitality, take care of my sister and her family- they are gems!!IMG_1458

*It is 29 degrees in South Dakota as I write this so the RV content will be limited.  It is on my agenda today to go run the generator for an hour, although I’m at a loss for what I will do in that hour.  Read a book? Take a nap? Crochet? Drink more coffee?   Jog around the Black Hills? Hmm. 

I did find this handy tip on Pinterest about how to keep your holding tank sensors running.  It also explains how they work.  Totally going to try this in the spring.  Hopefully, you will find it helpful too! Thanks for reading and have a good week.  

Jack’s 94th B-day, New Baby Lainey, Sister Visit, Big Hill Trail Maintenance, and RV winterizing.

First, I will apologize as this post is going to be all over the place as you can tell by the title.   It will end with a little piece of RV advice, but sometimes life is too exciting not to share!!


My father-in-law Jack turns 94 today.  Bob, Ruth (Bob’s mom) Taylee (my daughter) and I,  went to Rapid City to celebrate with Bob’s daughter, Halie, son-in-law, Matt, grandson, Kieran, and new granddaughter, Delainey (pics to follow).  Jack is a World War 2 veteran that was a staff sergeant in the Army Air Corp, a gunner and a radio operator on a B-25 in North Africa.  He was shot at numerous times and lost one of his eyes as a result.  Jack is one of the best humans I know on earth and I am so grateful for each visit with him.  Happy Birthday Jack!!!  Thank you for teaching your son how to be equally great.

OK, on to more mushy stuff…

Welcome to the world baby Delainey Lou Anderson.  I could go on and on about how wonderful she is but I’m sure you will be able to see that for yourself. This is Bob’s second grandchild and we love her to pieces.  Her brother Kieran isn’t convinced yet that his world hasn’t fallen apart, but he loves her too and was excited to transform into a super hero at the end of our visit.


Baby Lainey has to have surgery in a week or so.  Pray that everything goes perfectly!!

Sorry for the terrible picture but…fullsizeoutput_1ea0

My sister, Shana, and brother-in-law, Doug and kids also came to Lead for the weekend.  They were staying at Guilded Mountain at a friend’s cabin.  The cabin is beautiful and rentable for winter or summer fun!  The owners are fantastic and this is the perfect getaway for a large group or family getaway.

We met them for some Gator exploring and found a cemetery that I didn’t know existed which came from the town of Terry (you can see the red run on Terry Peak from the cemetery and read about this wonderful town in it’s glory days by clicking on the link).  I also got to kiss my nieces and nephews during my short visit which is my favorite thing to do.

On a totally different subject…yesterday, the Black Hills Nordic Ski Club had a trail clean up day.  Prior to a couple of years ago, I never wondered how the great bike trials and cross country ski trails were created or maintained-I was just happy they existed.  That was until I helped build some new bike trails in Sturgis and found out just how hard it is to bring recreational activities to the Black Hills, both physically and logistically.  Yesterday, I got to experience the same thing with the cross country trails at Big Hill.


Do you see that log crossing the trail? It was big and heavy and removed by Bob.  He has been cleaning trails for years, along with a hand full of other ski enthusiasts.  It was a beautiful day and although we are not finished, we made a dent.  If you don’t know how wonderful Big Hill is-go check it out.  It is great for hiking/biking in the summer and cross-country skiing/snowshoeing/fat biking in the winter.  *Please note: Dogs are discouraged during ski season as they disrupt the grooming process on the ski trails.  If you have a beloved pet, they may be happy to shoe show with you on those trails and there are plenty of unmarked hiking places in the area.  


To get there- drive up Tinton Road until you come to a big parking lot on the right.  Park in it and cross the gravel road to the trailhead sign.  The top of Big Hill has a shack for warming up- BONUS.  If you are a beginner, go with someone who knows where they are going as there are several miles of trails. Here is a map but please don’t go skiing alone if you are a novice skier.  The trails are long and far from the parking lot with limited cell phone service.  If you are a beginner or want to try skiing, message me and I will go with you.  Also, consider joining the ski club.  Your dues help pay to maintain these trails as all work on them, including grooming, is volunteer.

OK, finally, what this blog is really about-RV’s.  As the South Dakota winter is creeping up on us, we decided to winterize Goldie last week. You may ask if this is a do it yourself project and yes, it certainly can be.  In fact, one of the previous owners of Goldie left us this nifty list-


Here’s the thing though- as you can see on step 7, pour RV Antifreeze in all P-traps, winterizing requires you to handle antifreeze and know what a P trap is. Now, this girl is not touching anything resembling antifreeze as it is POISON.  A quick google search offers 317,000 results on the words antifreeze and poison.  It only takes a few teaspoons to kill animals, so in my opinion, this job is best left to the professionals.  What if I accidentally confused my cup of coffee with my cup of antifreeze? Disaster waiting to happen.

Now, on to the P-trap.  For your reading enjoyment, I have linked what a P-trap is here.  If you take the liberty to actually look at that page, one word should stand out to you- sewage.  So to summarize the glamorous winterizing requirements…poison and sewage, no thank-you!!

Fortunately, professionals are not hard to find and for around $95 dollars they will do this for you.  This is where we went-


Dakota RV is our one stop shop for all Goldie’s needs.  They are located conveniently right outside of Rapid City and will handle all your poison and sewage needs! The friendly staff also recommended that we run our generator one hour each month of the winter, which will also keep the batteries charged (apparently batteries won’t freeze if they are charged).  We do store Goldie in an enclosed storage unit during the winter but that will not keep her from freezing in South Dakota.  Also, my mom told me to put dryer sheets in the RV to keep mice away so Goldie is covered in them.  That’s all the RV advice I have for now, I will let you know if these tips worked or not in the spring time.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my scattered thoughts and take another second to hug your family because they are probably pretty great too!!

Black Hills “Secret” Hikes


Iron Creek Trail- walk this way

Welcome to the first of the Black Hills Trail series.  Bob is anxious about disclosing his favorite trails but considering this one leads to a big section of the Dakota 5-0, with six hundred entries per year, it is hardly a secret.  Also, I have yet to drive by Iron Creek Trail without seeing at least two or three cars in the parking area.

First things first, we hiked this trail on October 7, 2017.  The leaves, trees, weather were beautiful-70 degrees.  If we would have hiked one or two weeks earlier more leaves would have been on the trees instead of the ground, but it was still a great hike.

The Iron Creek Trail head is approximately 2 miles from Savoy up Spearfish Canyon.  If you haven’t driven up the canyon in the fall, you are seriously missing out on one of the most scenic highways in South Dakota.  That being said, pay attention to the road so you don’t hit me or one of my friends peddling up the 12 miles to the top of the canyon on our bikes.

Back to the trail.  Iron Creek Trail follows Iron Creek from Spearfish Canyon to Iron Creek Lake if you are super ambitious.  It is a flat trail and suitable for a family hike with any age child.  It is exactly 1.25 miles to the barbed wire fence.  At this point, parents with small children should turn around and walk directly back to their awaiting car, drive to Cheyenne Crossing and order some fry bread with honey.  You earned it, you just hiked 2.5 miles!!!

Along this section you may see…

Gold panners- There’s gold in them hills.  Just for the record, there is also gold at Neugebauers Jewelry Store in Rapid City or RMS Jewelers in Spearfish and you don’t have to climb down a cliff and risk your life to get it.  Did I mention I hate cliffs???





Cute couples resting- this bench is exactly 0.6 miles from the start










If you would like to read more about gold panning click here


A cave- what’s in the cave you may ask? Probably gross things but you can look if you feel like crossing the creek.

After crossing the barbed wire fence, the trail gets a little more difficult but offers beautiful views if you make it to the top.  As I mentioned before, this part is not for young children unless you like to increase the whine factor or you are 100% Norwegian (in case you didn’t know, they are way better hikers than the average American).

The following is a geocaching by picture attempt to get you to one of the prettiest views in Spearfish, although there are many.  Full disclosure:  I am still confused at whether the sun sets in the East or West so hike at your own risk.  Also note, there is no geocaching prize at the top waiting for you other than fresh air and mountains.

Right after you cross the barbed wire, turn left for 5-0 bike trail, right for random bushwacking self-guided mine tour, straight to hike to Big Hill.
This is the beginning of the bike trail
Maybe the only helpful marker in my picture vault. Very nice, Perry, Kristi, and crew.

Now, follow the trail and feel a small amount of pity and an equal amount of envy for the 5-0 climbers who do this on their bike.


Next you will come to this very nice crossroad that looks very similar to all the others.  Fear not, the trail is marked and if you work for the National Forest Service you will actually know what they are trying to mark.  If not, turn left.  Turning right will lead you to Red Lake (not actually a lake, don’t be fooled).


Did you think I posted the same picture twice? Nope this is the next turn left.  Similarly marked with a numbered sign.






This post might actually help you as is clearly says dead end.  Walk in the direction of this sign.


It is also worth noting that mountain bikers ride way faster than hikers walk…move for them or you may become one with them.

Next, you will turn right and venture up the Cardiac Climb.  Note the name of the trail prior to starting the hike.


Follow Bob (or your own people) to the top- you won’t be disappointed but you will be out of breath.

Spoiler Alert-This is what you hiked this far for…


My iPhone picture doesn’t do this view justice so you will have to hike here to see it for yourself (3.5 miles).  P.S.  that mountain on the right is Terry Peak.  You are up really high at this point.


If you made it to this tree you are at exactly 4 miles, turn around, you aren’t Norwegian either.  Be forewarned that there are approximately 100 other trees identical to this one. If you are officially lost from my directions, don’t worry-South Dakota doesn’t have bears. We do have mountain lions and rattlesnakes so you should eventually try to find your way back to the car.

When you do…congratulate yourself!!


You have burned enough calories to go get wine and cheese from:

Tschetter’s Wine Bar aka Spearfish Creek Wine Bar.  Home of the sunny backyard, a great cheese plate with no “brie, no marmalade, no green stuff- just good old South Dakota Dimock Cheese and buffalo salami” (Bob) and the best beer in Western South Dakota, (also according to Bob)- the Knucklehead Red.

*A couple of  campsites are available in the Spearfish Canyon area.  Some options are Timon or Rod and Gun Both have potable water and restrooms,  but only seven sites so get there early.  You can also camp on the National Forest Land for a maximum of 14 days out of 60 if you are totally self-contained.  Iron Creek Lake also has RV sites (electric only) with a dump station.  


Rapid City Pumpkin Festival and Crazy Horse Volksmarch plus a Little Golf and Wine

Hello again!  This past weekend was full of exciting activities.  On Saturday, we met Bob’s daughter, Halie and grandson, Kieran to go the Rapid City Pumpkin Festival.  Several fun events were held, however it is impossible to fit all of Rapid City and surrounding areas in Main Street Square.  Rapid City event planners-are you listening?  We don’t all fit.  Spread this event out!! Similarly, I heard the Weiner Dog Races in Deadwood were equally crowded and impossible to see.  I have never planned a large event in South Dakota but I definitely have attended them-cue Spearfish Art Festival/Hills Alive/Downtown Friday Nights.  In my unofficial opinion, what the Rapid City and Deadwood events need are MORE SPACE or MORE GRANDSTANDS/BLEACHERS for the masses of people. Thank you for planning fun events anyway.  A for effort, and I mean that.

On a more positive note, we did see (kind of) the School of Mines Pumpkin Catapult event which was well worth the drive.  We also witnessed up close and personal the home grown pumpkin of Reed and Justin Fossum.  Kieran appeared to have a good time, liked his train ride, loved his balloon,  and it was a beautiful day to spend time with our family.

The beautiful day continued with 9 holes of golf at Elkhorn Ridge Golf Course, home of the friendliest staff in the Black Hills.  The course has the most blind spots of any course I have played, but also has breathtaking views.  As always, I had some amazing hits.  Unfortunately, most of them were on different holes-bringing my score to the 50s???? Just kidding, I never know the actual number as my score is a consistent par-ish (that’s what I call anything close to par).  Also, if I am too far away from par I erase the terrible shots-let’s be real, nobody wants to count those anyway.  My sweet husband does usually keep score and almost always beats me.  My favorite golf quote from my favorite father-in-law is this “You are never going to get better, Sara, if you only play a few times a year”. Thank you for those words of affirmation Jack, I still love you and I’m still not better!

The last event for the weekend was the Crazy Horse Volksmarch on Sunday.  I was going to do a full recap, but Alicia from Black Hills Travel Blog already did it for me.  I would like to add to her article by saying:

  • Although this is one of the largest Volksmarch events in America, it isn’t that crowded.  The hikers spread out throughout the day and it is very enjoyable.


  • DON’T BRING YOUR KIDS IN A STROLLER!!! Sorry for yelling but Alicia mentioned this in her article and the kind volunteers also mention this at the start line and yet parents just aren’t listening.  You will most likely ruin your stroller and your child could end the hike with shaken baby syndrome.  Ok, not really, but it is very steep and rocky terrain.


(Proper way to hike a baby- circa 2007, he was a heavy baby asleep)

  • Bribe your children with snacks at the beginning of the hike to be eaten at the top.  This is actually a tested trick, on my then five year old son, and it worked. It didn’t, however, work to get him to hike this year at age thirteen.


(Look closely, Bill is eating his granola bar and holding his skittles I bought him as a bribe)

  • We are very fast hikers and by we I mean Bob.  We finished the hike up in about an hour, but it isn’t the easiest hike in the hills. That being said, my first Crazy Horse hike ever, I was passed by a hiker, missing one leg, on crutches as I was complaining to my sister about my sleeping baby on my back.  Moral of that story: just do it.  It’s well worth the view.

Crazy Horse Volksmarch 2018 is June 2 and 3. See you then.

Last stop before home…Prairie Berry Winery.  I could go on and on about this place and sometime I will, but for now my favorite wines from this winery are:

APMeritage2014_194x800.jpg ($39.00)  Deadwood_194x800.jpg ($18.50)

They are both reds, the first is dry and perfect and the second is a little more sweet. They probably both have hints of Oak or Pine Needle or something else found on the ground, but I’m not cool enough to know any of that so read the descriptions in the links I provided.  The food at Prairie Berry is also wonderful. We just ordered a cheese plate as it was 1:30 in the afternoon, but if you are wanting a meal-the grilled cheese or flatbread pizzas are delicious.

*All of these events have RV parking or are RV friendly.  We didn’t take ours to any of them because that would have been a little weird since we live here and we weren’t camping.  Thanks for reading!!

Martha’s Vineyard- Part one

As you can tell, I have already digressed from the RV theme to talk about my last non-RV trip to Martha’s Vineyard (welcome to my mind/personality).


As you can see from the photo, it was windy and cold the first day but the wet spot on my jeans is not rain, but coffee- daily occurrence for me!

First things first, my interest in Martha’s Vineyard came from several sources:

  1. My travel agent/best friend from home Jennifer Jones (336-852-0506)
  2. My work/life friend Pina (my Connecticut born New England resource)
  3. Two of my favorite bloggers Jess Ann Kirby and Julia
  4. From reading The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand.  I didn’t link this to Amazon as my account is open and if I accidentally give everyone access to my 1-Click Amazon account, Bob would not be happy- but I did buy the kindle edition from there ($14.99)

Although I was intrigued with the Vineyard (as locals like to call it), I didn’t intend on going their over Labor Day Weekend.  Bob and I planned to use our frequent flyer points to fly to Houston to see our new baby niece, Adley.





*Daily struggle not to kiss her sweet face!! Unfortunately, FaceTime has to be enough for now.  


Hurricane  Harvey had other plans…

To make a really long story shorter, United credit card  (free trips with this card, but it is $100 per year), would exchange our tickets but not refund them as the airport was officially open.  Houston was still only accessible by boat, however.

In order for the trip to happen, I officially became a travel agent for two days booking flights, motels, cars, ferries, air B &B’s, and activities as my real travel agent was on a trip to Europe and inaccessible for my personal emergency.  Jenny, I loved you before but I now value you even more than I did.  Being a travel agent is not for me, but I managed to get it done.

Logistics for a 5 day, 6 night trip to Martha’s Vineyard from western South Dakota (part one):

  1. Night one– Drive to Gillette, Wyoming and spend the night at the Holiday Inn Express This hotel was literally amazing for a small Wyoming town.  We even survived/slept through the teenage girl soccer teams next door. P.S.-flights from Rapid City were blocked.
  2. Day one– Fly from Gillette (GCC) to Denver (DEN), Denver to Washington DC (LAD), Washington DC to Warwick, Rhode Island (PVD).
    • Gillette’s airport has free parking. Yay!!
    • Make sure to eat at Root Down in Terminal C in Denver if you have a long enough layover. It is a normal restaurant with great food.

We rented a small car from Hertz at PVD, which we purchased with points.  They did require us to pay for additional drivers so if only one person in your party drives, have them sign up for the car and relax in the passenger seat.  Renting a car is often a headache, so I suggest pre-registering online and signing up with one company for their deals. Frequently they offer upgrades for customer loyalty.

After finally (this actually only took approximately 15 minutes but my bedtime was creeping up, even with the two-hour time change) getting our car, we drove the 80 miles from PVD to Woods Hole,  Massachusetts to board the Steamship Authority Ferry.  I found the website to be less than helpful, but the customer service via phone was.  If this is your first trip with a car, just call them.  We scheduled our ferry for 9:45 pm, but made it to Wood’s Hole at 8:44 1/2 and they let us on the 8:45 ferry- thank God. Unfortunately, the drive was in the dark, both ways,  because it looked as though it might be a very scenic route.

IMG_0954        fullsizeoutput_77

So sorry for the lame ferry pictures, but I was exhausted both times.  If it’s nice, you can sit on the deck outside and they do sell beer, wine, and snacks as well as offer TV on the upper deck. The ferry experience was an easy one once we figured out where to go from/which ferry to use.  I chose The Steamship Authority based on a few factors: location, length of ride, and customer reviews.

We finally arrived in Oak Bluffs or Vineyard Haven (can’t remember as they ferry to both  and are very close to one another) and drove to our very first Air B&B experience.  The drive was approximately 30 minutes, in the dark, to a remote location-insert scary music here- but the Waze app worked like a charm.  Thank you Pina for that tip!! It even worked on the ferry.

I am now exhausted from reliving that experience and writing this post so I will continue next week with Martha’s Vineyard- Part Two!  Happy reading and see you next week.

*The Vineyard does have taxis which would make the ferry experience easier, but the island travel much more difficult and expensive.

*Since this is officially a RV blog- I don’t suggest driving a RV to Martha’s Vineyard.  They do have spots to camp, but the Ferry process will be harder and there are A LOT  of tourists.  The roads are small island size and easy to navigate with a normal sized car, but may bog down traffic in the RV.  Also, we didn’t see one RV on the roads or ferry which pretty much means, don’t do it.  


First blog post- Buying the right RV

Welcome to my blog!! I am writing this more as a journal, but also to provide helpful tips for those of you beginning your RV journey for the first time.  Buying an RV is overwhelming and I hope to decrease the anxiety of researchers like me by providing tips, that I googled extensively, prior to purchasing Goldie.  Pictured above is my 13 year old son, Bill, who obviously is excited to be on social media with his mom!

Bob and I bought a Class C motorhome (Goldie) in July-a 2008/2009 Four winds Dutchmen Dorado with a Mercedes engine and Ram chassis.  That last part is important information if you care about engines (I only care that they do not land me in a mechanic shop and research shows this one is reliable).  If you don’t know what a class C is I will recap them all for you, including my idea of who should buy what:


Class A:

Class A.png

The class A is ideal for travelers who spend the majority of their time away from home or want to make the RV their permanent home.  This RV can be customized to fit any lifestyle and is the closest representation of a real home.  The used versions start around $100,000 so the class A requires commitment.

Class B:

Class B.jpg

Class B is for the adventurer, the RV’ers that spend more time outside of their RV than in.  The price point for the new class B is around $100,000 with a large range of used options.  The van/RV model is best suited for two or less people as it is very compact, but does include everything you need to sleep/shower/eat on the road.  The couch will often convert into the bed and the toilet may be combined with the shower.  This option is not for those that require the king-sized plush, pillow top bed to get a good night sleep or for the claustrophobic.

Class C:

class C.jpg

The goldilocks version- not too big, not too small.  The class C comes in at the $120,000 range for a new version, but you can easily find a gently used version at a fraction of the cost.  We chose the class C (Goldie) over the class B for space reasons, but we are the fourth owner of our RV as the other owners traded up for a larger model-purchased at Dakota RV.  Our RV is only 24 feet long, but accommodates 1-4 sleepers as well as ample storage for all of our toys.

Short list included in our Class C:

  • Separate toilet/shower area
  • RV Queen size bed
  • Two flat panel TV’s
  • Stereo System
  • Awning
  • Electric Slide-Out
  • Large sink
  • Microwave/Convection Oven Combo
  • Gas Stove
  • Kitchen table/bed combo
  • Ample storage inside and out

We have only been on two trips with Goldie but she has performed well.  I will have a full review of the campgrounds, including where to eat/what to do in the future.  Future posts will also include what I bought for the RV, how to set it up, what to do when you blow the fuse on your first trip smiley.jpeg, where to get the best cup of coffee, etc.  Stay tuned!

Links to campgrounds here:  Custer, SD and Hill City, SD

Thank you for reading!! Feel free to post any questions you have.