First blog post- Buying the right RV

Welcome to my blog!! I am writing this more as a journal, but also to provide helpful tips for those of you beginning your RV journey for the first time.  Buying an RV is overwhelming and I hope to decrease the anxiety of researchers like me by providing tips, that I googled extensively, prior to purchasing Goldie.  Pictured above is my 13 year old son, Bill, who obviously is excited to be on social media with his mom!

Bob and I bought a Class C motorhome (Goldie) in July-a 2008/2009 Four winds Dutchmen Dorado with a Mercedes engine and Ram chassis.  That last part is important information if you care about engines (I only care that they do not land me in a mechanic shop and research shows this one is reliable).  If you don’t know what a class C is I will recap them all for you, including my idea of who should buy what:


Class A:

Class A.png

The class A is ideal for travelers who spend the majority of their time away from home or want to make the RV their permanent home.  This RV can be customized to fit any lifestyle and is the closest representation of a real home.  The used versions start around $100,000 so the class A requires commitment.

Class B:

Class B.jpg

Class B is for the adventurer, the RV’ers that spend more time outside of their RV than in.  The price point for the new class B is around $100,000 with a large range of used options.  The van/RV model is best suited for two or less people as it is very compact, but does include everything you need to sleep/shower/eat on the road.  The couch will often convert into the bed and the toilet may be combined with the shower.  This option is not for those that require the king-sized plush, pillow top bed to get a good night sleep or for the claustrophobic.

Class C:

class C.jpg

The goldilocks version- not too big, not too small.  The class C comes in at the $120,000 range for a new version, but you can easily find a gently used version at a fraction of the cost.  We chose the class C (Goldie) over the class B for space reasons, but we are the fourth owner of our RV as the other owners traded up for a larger model-purchased at Dakota RV.  Our RV is only 24 feet long, but accommodates 1-4 sleepers as well as ample storage for all of our toys.

Short list included in our Class C:

  • Separate toilet/shower area
  • RV Queen size bed
  • Two flat panel TV’s
  • Stereo System
  • Awning
  • Electric Slide-Out
  • Large sink
  • Microwave/Convection Oven Combo
  • Gas Stove
  • Kitchen table/bed combo
  • Ample storage inside and out

We have only been on two trips with Goldie but she has performed well.  I will have a full review of the campgrounds, including where to eat/what to do in the future.  Future posts will also include what I bought for the RV, how to set it up, what to do when you blow the fuse on your first trip smiley.jpeg, where to get the best cup of coffee, etc.  Stay tuned!

Links to campgrounds here:  Custer, SD and Hill City, SD

Thank you for reading!! Feel free to post any questions you have.


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